Social Media Apps That Every Parent Should be Aware Of.

How often do you check your teen phone? Does your teen use social media apps? Also, do you know what to look out for if you do check your teen’s phone? There are so many different apps and most teens use them all. So I’ve come up with a list of apps that I thinkRead more

Am I about to ruin Christmas

Am I going to ruin Christmas? The past week I’ve been having a real depressed episode with aniexity attacks the past three days. There is absolutely nothing to be depressed about. My shopping is done. I am not cooking dinner for Christmas Day. Yet I am a mess. Balling over everything thing shouting at theRead more

Christmas Stocking Fillers Ideas for Teenage Boys- selected by a 13 year old.

In my opinion, a thirteen-year-old boy has to be the hardest to buy for espcially, Christmas Stocking Fillers Meet my 13-year-old Callum.  Whereas I want to be still buying him a Thomas the tank engine train and a teddy bear when he wants the latest gadgets. Fear not, I asked the walking hormonal teenager toRead more

Letter to Boots Ireland.. Please dont assume anything.

Open Letter to anyone who may Assume someone is pregnant Dear Boots Ireand, I wish you could train all your staff members, especially the ones who work at the pharmacy desk, to not “Assume” a lady is pregnant. You see the whole family have been struck down with a cold. Of course weeks of mammyRead more

O’Brien’s Wine Festival 2017 – Dublin Castle

Saturday the 12th November, I was invited to attended the O’Brien Wine Festival at print works in Dublin Castle. Who better to bring with me than the Mammy, She loves a glass of wine.  I left Karl in charge of the mad house and I skipped my way to the train. I had 34 minutesRead more

Best Day Dates Idea’s in Dublin & Naas

Here is a list of the Best Day Date Idea’s in Dublin & some from Naas If you are married and have kids. Including Walks, Breakfast Dates & People watching. Karl and I are fifteen years together. At the start of our relationship he would lavish me with gifts, bring me out on romantic datesRead more

AND relax… My review of Recovery CBD oil for anxiety

My review of Recovery CBD oil for anxiety After I had tried some Chill the Feck out tea, (Read about it here Grab A Cup of Chill The Feck Out) I was speaking to Neil More O’Ferrall from Recovery CBD and he sent me some of CBD oil to try out. I wanted to give itRead more


Whinging for no reason, big red cheeks, drools, sore bum..That’s me with a toothache… No, but in all seriousness, these are all signs of teething. Why poor babies must be put through that pain. My heart breaks for them. After 9 months and 28 days, Charlies tooth finally broke through. He is a very lateRead more

Back to School..

Back to school time, For nearly every parent this is the most exciting time of the year. The kids will be out of my hair for 4 and 7 hours a day. The first day the children get their school holidays, in June, I am literally counting down the days till they return, two monthsRead more

Smell like Teen Spirit…..noooo that’s just teen’s socks.

Meet Callum Age 12  Beware…. Teenagers years have well and truly hit this house, the fact I cannot keep food in the fridge, the constant battles I have for him to do any type of housework, and the overreactions don’t get me started. Well had to move his bedroom to the playroom downstairs since weRead more