Tesco v Aldi

For the past number of years I’ve been shopping in Aldi however I still buy Persil or Fairy in Dune’s Stores or Tesco’s  because of my kids sensitive skin. This time last year my weekly bill would range between €60 to €80. However its been slowly creeping up. II’venotice it getting bigger and bigger each week. The food is usually the same the only difference is im buying an extra packet of nappies a week. However last weeks bill was €128.

Also I have the added stress of having anxiety … what if someone is looking at my shopping and saying im a bad mother who’s buying her kids chocolate breakfast … Even bring the kids with me causes me to get palpations I have actually left my trolley full and walked out of Aldi because of panic attacks on more than one occasion.  I have become to dread the weekly shop. Its one thing I put off. And I cant send Karl because he will always, without fail ,come back with some crap.. like we need a petrol generator , but no hunny we didn’t need the packet of ham for the kids lunches..

I know a lot of people has been saying lately that they shopped in Tesco’s and I was thinking that it was to dear to shop there. One person said they used Online shopping.


Today I put it to the test.


I got my last weeks shopping receipt from Aldi the €128 one and Sat down for an hour and typed in every item (that took me an hour to do) and added on extras like Nappies for €5.50(which I didn’t get last week because I didn’t need them) and Persil washing liquid for €8. I got all the meat and veg and (my kids are excited) Real fizzy drinks.. my bill came to €107. For an extra €7 it will be delivered to my door tomorrow morning. Even at that €114 is cheaper than the €128 last week. There will be no panic attacks of leaving the house and getting anxious about if the kids will behave.

And to make things better I had €17 worth of vouchers because I am with Board Gas for my gas and electricity and as part of their rewards  you get 1 Tesco club card point for each euro you pay. Also both my and Karl’s mobile phones are Tesco Mobile and you get two points for each euro you pay on that. So my bill came to €97. And I didn’t even leave the house.

copy of alsi recipt verus tesco online shopping

Another few pros of doing my online shopping with Tesco’s.

1. I have till 4 am in the morning to add or take something off my order.

2. The give you a two hour delivery slot. So your not waiting in all day for the order.

3. In my Tesco’s (the big one in Naas) I can actually drive around and collect it from the carpark free of charge.

4. You can opt for a subscription service that’s a tenner a month. Choose any delivery slot on the days your plan is valid regardless of cost Minimum order value of €50 with up to one order a day.  https://m.tesco.ie/mt/secure.tesco.ie/DeliverySaver/

5. You only buy what you actually need. If your like me make a list go shopping and forget the list. And you come home to find out you actually didn’t need another tin of kidney beans.. you already had 8 there.. no one even likes kidney beans in my house. Don’t know why I keep buying them.

6. It saves your last order so you can easily add what you usually buy to your basket.

7. There is an app for your phone so you can go around your kitchen and see what you need and go back on to edit your order as the day goes on.  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.puca.tesco

8. Did I mention you don’t have to leave the house. I don’t even have to get out of my pyjamas.

Think this is the way forward for me.


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  1. Hi Barbara, great post! I get my shopping delivered by Tesco as I have returned to college full time as a mature student plus I have a part time job in the evening. My husband works full time also. I had the same thing in my head about tesco shopping & delivery being expensive but it is a lot cheaper than I though plus I buy the own brands when I can. Saves me soooo much time and hassle! Great post to highlight that it is not as expensive as ppl think but it saves so much time and stress xxxxx

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