Smell like Teen Spirit…..noooo that’s just teen’s socks.

Meet Callum Age 12 

Teenagers years have well and truly hit this house, the fact I cannot keep food in the fridge, the constant battles I have for him to do any type of housework, and the overreactions don’t get me started.

Well had to move his bedroom to the playroom downstairs since we have only got a 3-bed house. We put Charlie, the baby, in the box room in his cot and the two girls are in the back bedroom and we are in the front the playroom was our only option. It is a bigger room, then his dingy box room, (biggest in the house in fact) and the door is right at the front door, there was odour is coming out as I opened the door every day so I had to investigate

What was that smell??? I was like a basset hound searching the room, for the latest kill. well, that’s what it smelt like, something was dead..I’m talking about my teenager son’s room. I heard of teenage boys rooms been smelly but my god the smell of his room is god awful. He showers a number of times a week, Usually with a fight what is it with teenagers not wanting to shower? I mean it’s like a constant battle, usually with me having to threaten him that I’ll put him in the shower my self, which works because God no his mother can’t see him naked. because I haven’t seen his wiki woo before, like, he was born fully clothed. His bed is also changed on a weekly basis and he clothes are washed and given to him to put away.

Anyway back to the horrid smell, So I stripped his bed, found a number of odd smelly socks stuffed at the end, that was the number one reason, but 3 smelly socks could be emitting the smell of a family of pigs playing in their pig sty. I changed his sheets and went back into the room fresh sheets on the bed but the smell was still lingering. What could it been.????

There they were, his sweaty damp dirty football boots, tucked into the corner beneath the mountain of shoes, then I opened the wardrobe. I opened one door and it was like an avalanche of clothes. They all fell to the ground, the t-shirt he wore last night to bed, a pile of freshly ironed clothes that I gave him to put away and there they were his dirty smelly football kit. If they had legs they would have run out of there like Usain Bolt. The shirt had a number of stains that were questionable?? The shorts were still damp from the training he had 3 fricken days ago, as for the socks, they were rock hard from the sweat and grass and muck and the towel he had used in the shower from 3 days ago rolled up in a ball. The smell was like you know when you find a baby’s bottle in the changing bag that you hadn’t used in a few days, I actually gagged with the smell. So off they went to the washing machine, I had a peg on my nose and the clothes at arm’s length, straight into the wash plus a gallon of comfort went into it in for safety.

I think there should be a warning that comes with teenagers, beware of the mood and the smell.

8 thoughts on “Smell like Teen Spirit…..noooo that’s just teen’s socks.

    1. The smell the altitude the constant maaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm im hungry.. but i stick with it as hes the one going tp be choosong my nursing home..😂😂

  1. This post did make me smile, kids hey. My eldest is 16 and her room sometimes has a certain aroma, that makes me reach for the air freshener!

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