Best Day Dates Idea’s in Dublin & Naas

Here is aBest Day Date ieda for married couples list of the Best Day Date Idea’s in Dublin & some from Naas If you are married and have kids. Including Walks, Breakfast Dates & People watching.

Karl and I are fifteen years together. At the start of our relationship he would lavish me with gifts, bring me out on romantic dates and even Holidays. But now 4 kids later and a hell of a lot less disposable income we do not have the luxury of going on dates that often, let alone the rest. I can’t seem to remember when the last time I even got flowers off him. We scarcely get the time to spend alone anymore. If I am honest, it does affect us as a couple because of the demands of the four childrens needs and their constant crave for attention we barely get to give each other attention. By the time bedtime comes we are either too tired to spend time together or just too worked up over the kids antics.

We have found that trying to find a baby sitter for four children, especially three under the age of 5, is next to impossible. Both sets of parents are usually our baby sitters, but the fact we live in Naas and both sides of our family’s live in Dublin, usually if we have a night out it means the four children go for a sleep over. However both sets of parents are still very active they are either too busy or just too tired to take all four children. Also most of our nights out are in Dublin so that means we have to find place to stay, so it is not just dinner and drinks, but sometimes a hotel room, which is a very expensive night out.  So when I became a Stay at home Mother ,we had to survive on a lot less money, so dates got very few and far between.

Once you become parents you kind of forget about also being a partner and it can affect your marriage. And you kind of forget to come up with Fun Date Idea’s. In the CSO Census in April 2016, there were 218,817 families headed by one parent, 40 percent of these where separated or divorced. And I think that once you have kids the fact that you are a parent overshadows the fact that you are also a wife. You need to be able to spend time with your partner, but with four kids I couldn’t come up with how. Then one morning the two older kids where in school, Karl was off during mid-week and I suggested to get the two younger babies minded, with the grandparents load cut in half we went on a day date instead.  This way we were able to enjoy each other’s company for a few hours and one it wouldn’t break the bank and two we were also not too tired to go out.

Here is a list of my Top Five Day Dates to do in Dublin and Naas


Going on a Breakfast date with your significant other is a great way to spend time together, you don’t need to attempt to squeeze yourself into a dress that is presumably two sizes too little. And besides the cost of breakfast is less expensive than a three course meal.

Here is some of our most loved Places to go for Breakfast, (and a few links)

Taste Food Company, 39-40 South William Street, Dublin 2,

The Croque Monsieur is to die for. The doorstep fresh loaf smothered in cheese, with their relish and sausage is like melt in the mouth.  Also they do a lovely pancakes and bacon.

Matt the rashers 29 Sundrive Road, Kimmage, Dublin 15

A six item Irish breakfast with toast and orange juice is €8. The sausages are award winning. This was my go to place after every appointment I had in the coombe while I was pregnant on all the babies. If you are that way inclined they also do a Matt Famous Irish breakfast that included lambs liver…

Toughers in Naas.  Newhall, Naas, Co. Kildare,

This is a truck stop where you can get a proper Irish breakfast, the white pudding is gorgeous and they also give you Costa Coffee and a big pot of Tea.


We usually only have about 4 to 5 hours to do something, we usually try to fit in a bit of exercise. One great date is walk around the grounds of Malahide Castle  We usually go straight to the Avoca café grab a cup of tea or coffee and walk around the grounds with it. Walking is where we usually get to talk the most, we make plans and tell each other our dreams about the future, also I usually end up telling Karl that I am annoyed with him because of something he done in my dream the night before.

Another walk is our woods in . It is just past the Hell Fire Club and View point.  We call it our woods as Karl brought me on our first date to Johnny Foxes pub one Sunday afternoon, I got on the back on his Virago Motorbike and we

Karl & I walking Cruagh Wood on our wedding anniversary this year.
Karl & I walking Cruagh Wood on our wedding anniversary this year.

drove towards Glencullen. We stopped off in Cruagh woods for a walk, this is where we both got to really know each other as it was probably the first time we spoke properly, funny enough we both were very sensible and said that we both didn’t want anything serious out of the relationship and just wanted to have fun. We were 18 and 20 at the time fifteen years later we are still scratching our heads at that one. The walk is 5k and usually takes about an hour and half to do. Afterwards pop into Timbertrove for a slice of beautifully homemade cake.–cafe-77-c.asp


A walk along the canal in Naas is also a favourite of ours as if the kids are stressing both of us out. We usually end up having the two babies with us in the buggy, but this walk is beautiful especially in autumn time.

 People Watching

This has to be my favourite date. We try to do every Christmas around the 28th 29th of December. We get the kids minded early and head into the city centre, go up to 32 Clarendon St, Dublin 2. The name of this pub has changed so much over the years. It’s now called Bar Rua, they serve a lovely glass of warm apple cider. At the top of the stairs there is a small seating area for two people, it has a glass window on two corners . There is a view of the busy street below and its perfect for people watching. We love guessing at peoples stories and we do senarios to each other in their voices acting out their converstations.

Johnnie Foxes

I know this place is generally brimming American Tourists and it is dangerous overpriced. To us it is special as it is where we had our first date. So on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, take a drive up to Johnnie Fox’s . Order a bit of the soup, the Calcannon soup is gorgeous they serve it with Guinness bread. Karl gets the seafood chowder. I don’t know why I like this restaurant so much as it’s mainly a seafood restaurant and I hate seafood. But they do some lovely vegetarian dishes and if he’s feeling generous ill order a steak. The drive home is very senic.

Can you come up with any more suggestions for a interesting day date?

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