Letter to Boots Ireland.. Please dont assume anything.

Open Letter to anyone who may Assume someone is pregnant

Dear Boots Ireand,

I wish you could train all your staff members, especially the ones who work at the pharmacy desk, to not “Assume” a lady is pregnant.

You see the whole family have been struck down with a cold. Of course weeks of mammy wiping snotty noses, getting sneezed on, and been coughed in my face. Mammy gets the goddam cold, but mammy doesn’t get a day in bed with cuddles and kisses and warm drinks handed to her every few hours. Mammy has to struggle on.

I was in boots today and I asked for the strongest cold and flu I can get. The inconsiderate lady behind the counter said “I am afraid all you can take is paracetamol” I was confused for a minute and said sure I’ve taken Nurofen before for it. She said, “oh did you just have a baby???” I said *no he is a year old” she said I’m sorry I just ASSUMED. 😠😠😠😠😠


Well, i wanted the whole ground to swallow me up. I felt myself slowly dying. The sweats from the cold started to pour down my face. I couldn’t wait to get out of there… I paid my ridiculous amount of 9 euro for cold n flu tablets and legged it.

Just because I have had a baby a year ago and I have been a lazy ass about losing weight it doesn’t give anyone the right to assume. I was mortified.

Sincerely yours,
The mother of 4 who has no stomach muscles to hold in her flab…


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