can’t keep my focus at all and my mind races 1050 miles an hour…

I’ve been advised to keep a diary of my everyday life. So since my husband thinks I’m always glued to my phone. So instead of swiping up and down of crap on all the social medias, I am writing this blog.
To introduce myself I am Barbara and I live with my husband and 4 kids in Co Kildare. I suffer from …. I have…. never know how to describe it… what the clinical psychological nurse  (i call her the mental nurse) says I am severely depressed and have major anxiety issues.
I’ve been only diagnosed with post natal depression since 2013 and anxiety in 2014, however, I feel that I have these both for the majority of my life. But with most things in Irish families it was better kept swept under the carpet and me never ever spoke about my feelings.
So here today been the 30th of march 2017 am starting to write my everyday blog..todays the day I change things.
There will be stories for laughs ……. rants…..and a good few low moments.
Read it if you like or don’t…