Back to School..

Back to school time, For nearly every parent this is the most exciting time of the year. The kids will be out of my hair for 4 and 7 hours a day. The first day the children get their school holidays, in June, I am literally counting down the days till they return, two months of MAAAAMMMMMMM I’m hungry, ( you ate 20 minutes ago) and MAAAAMMMMMMM I’m bored ( tidy your room, and its still not done).
But once August comes I feel a rainbow emotions and I only have two children in school. God knows what id be like when the four of them are in school. The Dread sneaks in, Feck I’m back to the daily battle of getting the kids up and dress and breakfast before school, and getting the sectary phone call at least twice a week about one of them forgetting a lunch, or feeling sick and me having to drive to the school 4 times a day.
Also the dread of the expense of it.This country is supposed to have free education. Feck how much do I need to fork out this month, I am one of those mothers who leave it till the last minute to figure out where are we will get the money from to pay for it. So Victoria is going into senior infants, thank god the school has agreed to have a generic uniform. a Red jumper White shirt and grey pinafore, the tracksuit is charcoal grey the jumper does have to be bought in a local shop but the rest of the items can be bought elsewhere. Whereas Callum is going into First year. So his uniform jumper, PE Tracksuit and Tshirt have a crest on them, but the white shirt and grey trousers I got in Tescos and because he is going into adult sizes the price goes up by a million percent. Also, Callum’s school is a new school that is only open 3 years and its one of the few schools around the country that has a tablet instead of school books.
The accountant side of me is coming out, I’ve done a breakdown of what it costs me to send them back. I raided the Credit union accounts, any little bit of savings we had stashed by for a rainy day, (which was very very little) and we did it we got the kids sorted for back to school. Breakdown of back to school spending
So come Tuesday the 28th August, I will be a proud mamma dropping my baby, to secondary school. It’s a huge milestone for him to be moving onto a big school, he no longer will be the oldest kids they will be the babies again and yes I will probably shed a tear and count the hours until he returns home, for the first day at least. And on Thursday the 30th August, Victoria will be becoming a big girl and move into senior infants, new teachers and maybe some new friends.
The excitement of the kids going back and having a few hours peace will end quickly though and the Sunday evening dread of fuck I forgot to wash the uniforms or I have nothing in for the lunches will hit me with a bang.

So What so you think about what i just said, i'd love to hear