Christmas Stocking Fillers Ideas for Teenage Boys- selected by a 13 year old.

In my opinion, a thirteen-year-old boy has to be the hardest to buy for espcially, Christmas Stocking Fillers Meet my 13-year-old Callum.  Whereas I want to be still buying him a Thomas the tank engine train and a teddy bear when he wants the latest gadgets. Fear not, I asked the walking hormonal teenager to help with this one.

And we’ve put together the ultimate list of gifts for teens that they might like in their Christmas Stocking . Whether they’re into music, sports or tech, we’ve found the perfect Christmas Stocking Fillers for the young men.  And my surprise they are all under €20.

With all amazon orders, most do free delivery to UK, so i would suggest that you use the likes of or for deliveries as it does work out cheaper.

Five Christmas Stocking Fillers Idea’s for Teenage Boys


  1. Sony MDRZX310 Foldable Headphones       BUY NOW Christmas Gift Christmas Stocking Fillers

These are lightweight and have a folding design so they can be brought anywhere, 30 mm ferrite drivers for powerful, balanced sound, 10–24,000 Hz frequency range. Padded earcups for comfortable listening. Also, a choice of colours to suit your style.


  1. Poweradd Slim2 5000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank  BUY NOW

    Christmas Gift Christmas Stocking Fillers

Compact size design with 3.9*1.3*1.2 inch, easy to hold and carry   With Social media apps like snapchat that drain the battery on a mobile phone every teenager needs one of these as then they can’t use the excuse that their battery died and they didn’t know what time it was.


3.      Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, ZOEE S1          BUY NOW

Christmas Gift Christmas Stocking Fillers

What more can you want coming from a teenager room…. More banging music.  This way you can kick them into the garden and let the neighbours enjoy the banging music…

4.      SKLZ Star-Kick Solo Trainer       BUY NOW Christmas Stocking Fillers

The Star-Kick gives young players the touches they need to master ball control, develop proper passing and shooting techniques, and improve receiving. Maximize your training by minimizing ball chasing. Fits most players and securely holds size 3, 4 and 5 soccer balls.

5.      PopSockets Expanding Grip Case           BUY NOW Christmas Stocking Fillers

What are PopSockets? PopSockets are expanding grips and stands that attach to most phones, tablets, and cases. PopSockets “pop” whenever you need a grip, a Stand, an earbud-management system, or just something to play with. Remove your Pop Socket by Pulling slowly on the base; you can reposition and Reattach time and time again. You’ll always have the exact grip or Stand you need. An ideal Christmas Stocking Fillers


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Letter to Boots Ireland.. Please dont assume anything.

Open Letter to anyone who may Assume someone is pregnant

Dear Boots Ireand,

I wish you could train all your staff members, especially the ones who work at the pharmacy desk, to not “Assume” a lady is pregnant.

You see the whole family have been struck down with a cold. Of course weeks of mammy wiping snotty noses, getting sneezed on, and been coughed in my face. Mammy gets the goddam cold, but mammy doesn’t get a day in bed with cuddles and kisses and warm drinks handed to her every few hours. Mammy has to struggle on.

I was in boots today and I asked for the strongest cold and flu I can get. The inconsiderate lady behind the counter said “I am afraid all you can take is paracetamol” I was confused for a minute and said sure I’ve taken Nurofen before for it. She said, “oh did you just have a baby???” I said *no he is a year old” she said I’m sorry I just ASSUMED. 😠😠😠😠😠

Well, i wanted the whole ground to swallow me up. I felt myself slowly dying. The sweats from the cold started to pour down my face. I couldn’t wait to get out of there… I paid my ridiculous amount of 9 euro for cold n flu tablets and legged it.

Just because I have had a baby a year ago and I have been a lazy ass about losing weight it doesn’t give anyone the right to assume. I was mortified.

Sincerely yours,
The mother of 4 who has no stomach muscles to hold in her flab…

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Best Day Dates Idea’s in Dublin & Naas

Here is aBest Day Date ieda for married couples list of the Best Day Date Idea’s in Dublin & some from Naas If you are married and have kids. Including Walks, Breakfast Dates & People watching.

Karl and I are fifteen years together. At the start of our relationship he would lavish me with gifts, bring me out on romantic dates and even Holidays. But now 4 kids later and a hell of a lot less disposable income we do not have the luxury of going on dates that often, let alone the rest. I can’t seem to remember when the last time I even got flowers off him. We scarcely get the time to spend alone anymore. If I am honest, it does affect us as a couple because of the demands of the four childrens needs and their constant crave for attention we barely get to give each other attention. By the time bedtime comes we are either too tired to spend time together or just too worked up over the kids antics.

We have found that trying to find a baby sitter for four children, especially three under the age of 5, is next to impossible. Both sets of parents are usually our baby sitters, but the fact we live in Naas and both sides of our family’s live in Dublin, usually if we have a night out it means the four children go for a sleep over. However both sets of parents are still very active they are either too busy or just too tired to take all four children. Also most of our nights out are in Dublin so that means we have to find place to stay, so it is not just dinner and drinks, but sometimes a hotel room, which is a very expensive night out.  So when I became a Stay at home Mother ,we had to survive on a lot less money, so dates got very few and far between.

Once you become parents you kind of forget about also being a partner and it can affect your marriage. And you kind of forget to come up with Fun Date Idea’s. In the CSO Census in April 2016, there were 218,817 families headed by one parent, 40 percent of these where separated or divorced. And I think that once you have kids the fact that you are a parent overshadows the fact that you are also a wife. You need to be able to spend time with your partner, but with four kids I couldn’t come up with how. Then one morning the two older kids where in school, Karl was off during mid-week and I suggested to get the two younger babies minded, with the grandparents load cut in half we went on a day date instead.  This way we were able to enjoy each other’s company for a few hours and one it wouldn’t break the bank and two we were also not too tired to go out.

Here is a list of my Top Five Day Dates to do in Dublin and Naas


Going on a Breakfast date with your significant other is a great way to spend time together, you don’t need to attempt to squeeze yourself into a dress that is presumably two sizes too little. And besides the cost of breakfast is less expensive than a three course meal.

Here is some of our most loved Places to go for Breakfast, (and a few links)

Taste Food Company, 39-40 South William Street, Dublin 2,

The Croque Monsieur is to die for. The doorstep fresh loaf smothered in cheese, with their relish and sausage is like melt in the mouth.  Also they do a lovely pancakes and bacon.

Matt the rashers 29 Sundrive Road, Kimmage, Dublin 15

A six item Irish breakfast with toast and orange juice is €8. The sausages are award winning. This was my go to place after every appointment I had in the coombe while I was pregnant on all the babies. If you are that way inclined they also do a Matt Famous Irish breakfast that included lambs liver…

Toughers in Naas.  Newhall, Naas, Co. Kildare,

This is a truck stop where you can get a proper Irish breakfast, the white pudding is gorgeous and they also give you Costa Coffee and a big pot of Tea.


We usually only have about 4 to 5 hours to do something, we usually try to fit in a bit of exercise. One great date is walk around the grounds of Malahide Castle  We usually go straight to the Avoca café grab a cup of tea or coffee and walk around the grounds with it. Walking is where we usually get to talk the most, we make plans and tell each other our dreams about the future, also I usually end up telling Karl that I am annoyed with him because of something he done in my dream the night before.

Another walk is our woods in . It is just past the Hell Fire Club and View point.  We call it our woods as Karl brought me on our first date to Johnny Foxes pub one Sunday afternoon, I got on the back on his Virago Motorbike and we

Karl & I walking Cruagh Wood on our wedding anniversary this year.

Karl & I walking Cruagh Wood on our wedding anniversary this year.

drove towards Glencullen. We stopped off in Cruagh woods for a walk, this is where we both got to really know each other as it was probably the first time we spoke properly, funny enough we both were very sensible and said that we both didn’t want anything serious out of the relationship and just wanted to have fun. We were 18 and 20 at the time fifteen years later we are still scratching our heads at that one. The walk is 5k and usually takes about an hour and half to do. Afterwards pop into Timbertrove for a slice of beautifully homemade cake.–cafe-77-c.asp


A walk along the canal in Naas is also a favourite of ours as if the kids are stressing both of us out. We usually end up having the two babies with us in the buggy, but this walk is beautiful especially in autumn time.

 People Watching

This has to be my favourite date. We try to do every Christmas around the 28th 29th of December. We get the kids minded early and head into the city centre, go up to 32 Clarendon St, Dublin 2. The name of this pub has changed so much over the years. It’s now called Bar Rua, they serve a lovely glass of warm apple cider. At the top of the stairs there is a small seating area for two people, it has a glass window on two corners . There is a view of the busy street below and its perfect for people watching. We love guessing at peoples stories and we do senarios to each other in their voices acting out their converstations.

Johnnie Foxes

I know this place is generally brimming American Tourists and it is dangerous overpriced. To us it is special as it is where we had our first date. So on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, take a drive up to Johnnie Fox’s . Order a bit of the soup, the Calcannon soup is gorgeous they serve it with Guinness bread. Karl gets the seafood chowder. I don’t know why I like this restaurant so much as it’s mainly a seafood restaurant and I hate seafood. But they do some lovely vegetarian dishes and if he’s feeling generous ill order a steak. The drive home is very senic.

Can you come up with any more suggestions for a interesting day date?

Smell like Teen Spirit…..noooo that’s just teen’s socks.

Meet Callum Age 12 

Teenagers years have well and truly hit this house, the fact I cannot keep food in the fridge, the constant battles I have for him to do any type of housework, and the overreactions don’t get me started.

Well had to move his bedroom to the playroom downstairs since we have only got a 3-bed house. We put Charlie, the baby, in the box room in his cot and the two girls are in the back bedroom and we are in the front the playroom was our only option. It is a bigger room, then his dingy box room, (biggest in the house in fact) and the door is right at the front door, there was odour is coming out as I opened the door every day so I had to investigate

What was that smell??? I was like a basset hound searching the room, for the latest kill. well, that’s what it smelt like, something was dead..I’m talking about my teenager son’s room. I heard of teenage boys rooms been smelly but my god the smell of his room is god awful. He showers a number of times a week, Usually with a fight what is it with teenagers not wanting to shower? I mean it’s like a constant battle, usually with me having to threaten him that I’ll put him in the shower my self, which works because God no his mother can’t see him naked. because I haven’t seen his wiki woo before, like, he was born fully clothed. His bed is also changed on a weekly basis and he clothes are washed and given to him to put away.

Anyway back to the horrid smell, So I stripped his bed, found a number of odd smelly socks stuffed at the end, that was the number one reason, but 3 smelly socks could be emitting the smell of a family of pigs playing in their pig sty. I changed his sheets and went back into the room fresh sheets on the bed but the smell was still lingering. What could it been.????

There they were, his sweaty damp dirty football boots, tucked into the corner beneath the mountain of shoes, then I opened the wardrobe. I opened one door and it was like an avalanche of clothes. They all fell to the ground, the t-shirt he wore last night to bed, a pile of freshly ironed clothes that I gave him to put away and there they were his dirty smelly football kit. If they had legs they would have run out of there like Usain Bolt. The shirt had a number of stains that were questionable?? The shorts were still damp from the training he had 3 fricken days ago, as for the socks, they were rock hard from the sweat and grass and muck and the towel he had used in the shower from 3 days ago rolled up in a ball. The smell was like you know when you find a baby’s bottle in the changing bag that you hadn’t used in a few days, I actually gagged with the smell. So off they went to the washing machine, I had a peg on my nose and the clothes at arm’s length, straight into the wash plus a gallon of comfort went into it in for safety.

I think there should be a warning that comes with teenagers, beware of the mood and the smell.

I pee when I sneeze, what’s your superpower?


Let’s talk about Pee!! I am a mammy to four children and yes every time I laugh, sneeze , cough,  jump, walk, get up from a chair, sit down on a chair, I pee my pants.

I am currently trying to toilet train my Gabi, tell her not to pee in her knickers, Yet I do every day, maybe a couple of times a day. After having Callum, when I was 19, I thought ahh I’m only young I won’t need to do my pelvic floor exercise.

Then one night I was out with Karl and a few of his work friends we were in a bar in Dublin, and I started to dance, Jump up and danced next thing I know I pissed my self, I was 21 and I had peed myself. I was too embarrassed I couldn’t say it to anyone, not even Karl. For the next 7 years, I couldn’t tell anyone that I was peeing myself. During my whole pregnancy on Victoria, I constantly leaked, it got worst n worst, the midwives told me it’s normal. The fact that when my waters broke on Victoria, I didn’t think they broke, I just thought that I had wet myself. I had practised my pelvic floor exercises. I did every time I thought of it. It didn’t pass and I went to my GP and talked about it .She referred me onto a physio I actually went to three physios that specialise in women’s health and done what I was told to do but then I had two more kids within the space of 2 years…

I am quite a regular in Phyisotherphy with my back pain and my constant leaking. I was actually at one physiotherapist and she was giving me my exercises to do. She actually inserted two fingers inside me to feel the strength of my muscles, let me tell, you think that being a woman she could have been a little gentler in that area.

Anyway, after the uncomfortable examination was over she explained that you can get these pelvic balls that you insert yourself and you have to keep them up there so get your muscles working. She told me to go get the large ones. Feck sake love I’ve had 4 children I don’t need to be told that my vajayjay is big. I have gone to three different physiotherapists and tried all the exercises and do my pelvic floor exercises every day about 3 times a day. Pelvic floor exercises are also called Kegal exercises, I also have a friend who will remain anonymous, When she was pregnant she was told to do her Kegal exercises. She came back from her appointment and started searching Kettel bells to buy. Don’t know what she was thinking of doing with them???

I have gone to three different physiotherapists and tried all the exercises and do my pelvic floor exercises every day about 3 times a day. Pelvic floor exercises are also called Kegal exercises, I also have a friend who will remain anonymous, When she was pregnant she was told to do her Kegal exercises. She came back from her appointment and started searching Kettel bells to buy. Don’t know what she was thinking of doing with them???

Here is a little explanation on how to do them correctly.

It gets me down a lot having this stress incontinence. I constantly think I smell like old lady wee, I don’t like anyone going near my crotch area. I hate wearing grey or light trousers just in case I leak a bit. My self-esteem has been affected by this. So much so I hate dancing when I go out and going to the gym because I leak. I’m so paranoid that the person behind me on the treadmill is looking at my wet patch getting bigger and bigger.

I have gone to my GP and explained all of this to her and I finally have gotten an appointment in the Coombe to see a gynaecologist next month. The physiotherapist’s and GP both have said my core muscles are not strong enough. I put it down to having back problems and my muscles going to shreds. They call it stress incontinence.. too right it fricken is stressing me out.

Any young girl out there or girls who haven’t had babies.. please please please listen to this pissy mamma.


Volcano Barbara

We are just back from a fabulous two-night stay in the Farnham estate hotel and spa.

The past number of weeks has been what I like to call a volcano period. It’s like little things build up and up and finally, they all get on top of me and I just explode.

First off was the teenager becoming increasingly hormonal. Like I can’t say a thing to him without been answered back or the tears flowing.

The house needing to be redecorated I have to move kids around rooms so I can finally get my bedroom back. Moving Callum downstairs and changing the playroom into a bedroom. I was nervous and excited for him. I am nervous because he is still only 12 and I think I forget that a lot of the time. But he isn’t a baby either so I have to let him have his own space. The girls got new bunk beds and Gabi moved from a toddler bed into a bunk bed, and I finally got my dream kitchen after only starting it in 2015.

I was kept constantly busy for the past two weeks. Which the kid’s needs were forgotten about they were let run wild and free. Resulting in them going fuck it Mammy and Daddy are not paying attention to us, let’s be shit heads.

But been busy and stressed out resulted in me not thinking about the mini marathon and an appeals hearing I had with the social welfare.

I got to the mini marathon the crowds of people was overwhelming and fighting. And also I couldn’t stop thinking of the London and Manchester attacks. There were no bag checks at the marathon and with all the hype about how the Garda might not be prepared if ISIS was to attack. I was scared. I couldn’t wait to get it over with.

The next morning was my appeal hearing and I was relatively calm until something switched in my brain. I don’t know what it was, that triggered it off. But that was it the volcano exploded. I had the biggest panic attack ever, I couldn’t breathe, I was choking, I felt I was going to suffocate. I kept repeating to Karl I’m not going, I don’t need to go. It was like my biggest worst nightmare. The thing I fear the most is what was going to be happening me, I was going to be judged. And that terrified me. The journey on the Naas road was slow and daunting. I kept on hyperventilating. I actually tried to take off my bra and seatbelt just to help me breathe. I got into the appeals hearing forty minutes late because I just couldn’t handle it. The lady was lovely and very accommodating, However, I might have to go back.

The volcano had truly exploded and covered the village around me in molten lava. Karl was submerged into my anxiety, he was sucked in and couldn’t help but feel anxious for me! Usually, he can handle it and tells me that it will be fine, but he felt like he had to fix me but couldn’t! He felt like he either going to run or get buried in the molten heat that was my anxiety!

The kids couldn’t even talk or make noise without me going ballistic on them Gabi’s poor little face looking at me when I shouted at her just made me feel a hundred times worst! I was paralysed and numb for the day.

So when I say I needed the break. Both me and Karl needed the break it was true. I needed to recharge my batteries and pick myself up from the mess I have been the past few weeks.



All that matters is our Kingdom

How can I split myself into four ???… Serious question?  Well if I have to think about it how do I split myself into 6. I need to be Mammy to the four children, who all have different needs and wants, I have to be a wife to my understanding husband (who isn’t getting enough attention lately) and I need to be Me to look after myself. So how do I so it?
I’ve been so busy this week trying to finish the kitchen which I started the June bank holiday 2015.  The kids have been let run wild, The back garden is full of poster paint and wood that the girls decided to “paint” . Charlie has been moved from bouncer to buggy to the floor to walker just to keep him quiet. Karl is off work this week and he has been handed list upon lists to help get the work done, he actually would rather be in work. As for me, I’ve totally neglected myself and my emotions I’ve not allowed myself look at any social media and news programs because of what happened in Manchester at the Ariana Grande concert and also the tiny baby who died in Tipperary, Because I just can’t deal with the feelings I might feel, I haven’t allowed myself to have a spare minute at all this week. To gather my feelings and check in.

After the day I had today. Cleaned the upstairs of the house all three bedrooms and bathroom & also decided to clean the BBQ. While I was out the back scrubbing the BBQ. The horrid sound came. The sound that every parent dreads ….. THE ICECREAM VAN! I knew immediately what would happen, so I shouted: “Victoria don’t open that door.. it was like I had said to her. “If u open that door I will buy you 3 ice creams”  also it was as if I said to Jake the dog “That if you run out the door I’ll buy you three bitches that you can actually get on top off. ( we have a dog pomeranian and a bitch husky.. great fun to be had.. they even swap roles and even ends)
Well within that five seconds Victoria opened the door and Jake the dog went running….. I went running after him… so bear in mind it was 26 degrees in Naas today ,there goes me running in flip flops and a pair of shorts that I put on me this morning knowing I wouldn’t be leaving the house.. and when I get back to find Gabi had poured out a drink from a 2 Litre bottle of Fanta. She missed the glass and filled the table and floor with sticky Fanta… I was so wound up I had to escape. I went to my bedroom and left Karl to look after the kids.


Tonight I let go I spent almost an hour in the garden with the family, playing eye spy we all laughed and got annoyed together and for the first time this week we all got along, also figured out that my kids didn’t lick their weirdness from a stone. And after I put the big kids to bed, the baby, Charlie, just clung to me. It was as if he wanted to say to me mammy don’t put me down again. He held onto my hair while I felt him inhaling my scent. I could feel his cheekbone going into a smile. That’s what made me say… Fuck the house. Fuck the residents association. Fuck anyone other than the Our Kingdom.  The six of us is all that matters :The King & Queen, The Prince’s and Princess and well even the Stupid Dogs. That’s all who I care about.

Now, this could be the gin and tonic sorbet and bottle of prosecco talking….

Struggles of being a Mammy with Depression

Depression affects 1 in 5 people in Ireland at least once during their lifetime, That’s one out of a normal sized family. However, why is it still so stigmatised? Why is it that it took for me to start writing this blog for many friends and family to come forward and say listen Babs I suffer from this too but couldn’t speak about it. I know why it’s because people, especially Irish Mammy’s, don’t like the world to know they are weak. They don’t want the world to judge them. However, if more people spoke out about being depressed it wouldn’t be such a stigma. Post Natal Depression is also a big thing in Ireland, and I feel as being a mother of four children there isn’t much support out there for women with depression. The Mental health service of Ireland is an absolute shock. There should be more trained people in the health system to notice and help treat postnatal depression.

It’s like 50 percent of all mothers will get the baby blues. I explain the baby blues as been a really bad episode of PMT, You know when you’re on your period and the kitten add for mcvities comes on the T.V and you cry. That’s what it feels like but with a bit more emotion. Your body has gone through a very traumatic thing whether its birthing naturally or by c section your body cannot cope with the drama of the whole process and you have just pushed a human being into the world, bar the execution pain, it’s the overwhelming feeling of love and feeling proud, also now you are responsible for a new little human in the world. The first few days you still have adrenaline running through your body and after the first few days, it’s like your body goes OH SHIT this is real. The pain, The baby, The love. Baby Blues usually passes after a number of days. In my opinion, if you are still crying over the toilet paper not be replaced or your motivation to get up and wash your hair is gone by week 4 you should be getting to the doctor and trying to see someone. Whether it is drugs that will help you through it or whether it’s just talking to somebody. However, its is awful admitting to yourself that you have a problem, let alone admitting to anybody else let alone a doctor that you don’t know that well.
Been a Mammy with depression carry a heavy burden. Not only do you have to take care of your own health and wellbeing, but you’re also responsible for the health, happiness, and success of your kids, not to mention, oh, their actual lives.Now, how are you supposed to act like a functional adult through a mother and toddler group when you can barely function at all? Part of being a Mammy is learning to make do with what you have, even if it’s unwashed hair, sweats, and a bad attitude.

I’ve done up a little few struggles you feel when you are a Mammy who is suffering from depression.

  1. Feeling like you are a Failure of a Mammy:  The fact that you sent your child downstairs to watch Peppa Pig, while you lay in bed not having the motivation to get up, when you finally get up the kids are attached to you like you have left them for days. You feel the Guilt that you are a lousy mammy and you don’t deserve the kids, Your husband should leave you to go find a happier wife.
  2. Admitting your kids are the best and the worst thing for your sanity: Depression already makes me feel the guilt of not being good enough but add in kids, the world’s toughest audience, and it can send me into a spiral They get on my nerves I shout at them and then I feel shittty for ruining their lives.Although ,when I’m feeling really low, my kids are also the only thing that can bring me out of myself completely.  They make me laugh, the stupid funny things that they say. or the hug that Gabi will give me just because or when Tori stops and tells you “Mammy you look Beautiful”.
  3. Worrying that your kids will inherit your mental illness: Oh, this is on my mind every day of the week, wondering whether my kids have inherited my mental illness. Callum would be a very anxious and nervous child and every day I feel that pang of guilt that it is all my fault he is like that.
  4. Stop caring about how you look, When I am in my deepest depression you could find me out in the school with a t-shirt on that hasn’t been washed in days and has holes in it and trousers that completely clash with the colour of the top. Hair not washed and scrapped back, my face is rag order with pimples because I didn’t take my make-up off three days ago and haven’t washed my face since.
  5. Throwing the best birthday party To make up for the fact that you didnt get out of bed and make him his breakfast all them times and you had to send him to school hungry, but you make it up to him because you feel guilty and you want him to have the best of everything,But it’s okay to struggle and its ok to be like this you are doing the best to raise your children and they will love you no matter what.

Age is Just a Number!!!

It was my 33rd birthday on Friday last. When I was 23, if anyone was 33 they were ancient, now I am 33 I still think I am only 23. However, was hit hard by this realisation on Friday night. Three out of my last five birthdays I was pregnant. Even my big 30th. So, since I’m not getting pregnant ever, ever again, I said I wanted to go out and get drunk, let my hair down and dance the night away. The last time I actually drank on a night out was in January at my eldest sister’s wedding. And oh, boy did I drink that night.

The nerves were acting up I spent the whole day of my birthday being anxious and couldn’t relax to enjoy the day with the kids. I was on edge all day stupid thoughts like what will I wear, am I too old to wear a playsuit, should I just wear flat shoes, what if none of my friends has a great time. The usual shite, but I had my rational head on and push myself to head out. Sure, I was heading out with the Karl and 3 of my oldest bestest friends, F, M and S (Not in ages because I’m the oldest by only a month, as they keep reminding me), and unfortunately, D and E couldn’t make it. My Mother-in-law said she would mind all four kids overnight with one stipulation that we stay there also, we can get up with the kids in the morning.

So, we were running late as usual dropped off the kids and decided to drive into town and park the car at Karl’s job. This was the first realisations that I’m getting old. He was going to park the car near the Quays and we had to walk to the top of Harcourt street. That’s only a 2km walk… however, I was wearing heels, new heels. Last time I wore heels was Callum’s confirmation on 4th march. These shoes were gorgeous in the pictures online, but when I got them delivered they were higher than I thought.  So, I made my husband drop me to the door of the pub I walked in to meet my friends. There were balloons all over the place and when I walked in the front door, I was handed a glass of Prosecco, there was also a free barbeque. It was like the venue had an event on however we got in and they didn’t ask us any questions. Well, it was a great night. There was a saxophone player and plenty and plenty of people there. However, we needed a seat. Realisation number 2. We can no longer stand for long periods. We needed to get a comfy seat away from the speaker.

There was a mixed crowd there, lots of after work drinkers and a good few stags and hens and a group of people dressed completely as the Star Wars characters. There was a mixture of all ages mainly people in their 30’s. However, there were a good few in late teens and early 20s. Well OH MY GOD the getup on some of these. Like most them were wearing runners, back in my day you were not allowed into the local pub with a pair of runners on let alone a venue like the Harcourt hotel. The girls had really really short skirts like that short you could see their arse cheeks. There were velour tracksuits with high heels, a girl wearing a lingerie body suit like the lacey kind you get in Ann Summers, completely see thru. There was a couple wearing baggy jeans white tops and bucket hats like matching & theses two had moves that Save the Last Dance movie would be proud of. This is when I discovered that there I am actually glad I am not single at the minute there is no nice chatting you up or buying a drink anymore. The Fellas were literally pulling out of girls. Trying to grab their hands.  Chivalry is well and truly gone. Not like back in my day when you were chatted up at the bar and then asked to dance. Now I’m saying my day. I was 18 since I last scored a guy in a pub, that guy been my now Husband. Well after a number of long neck Bulmer’s and a Jager Bomb… I braved the dance floor with my beautiful and wonderful friend F. We done our moves, my Knees started to ache, then so did my hips, and the pelvic floor was like a leaking tap every time I moved.  Our moves were obvs not as good as the girl actually on the floor humping. Which by the way isn’t allowed in the dtwo bar the bouncer told her number of times. And even her advances towards him didn’t stop him from doing his job. After we had our last pint, well F and I did, some dope robbed Karl’s. We laughed the whole way home in the taxi only to realise it was 3.30am.

The next morning was well…. Somebody gave the kids a bell like they have in hotels. I was woken up at 9 am I only got to bed at 4. But can’t complain as was handed a lovely fry to soak up any leftover alcohol in my system. I rushed the hubby up and we had to trek into town with the four kids and two hangovers to collect the car. We got the Luas in, that moves way too much for somebody with a hangover. It was a quick visit to town as we were penniless and hungover. We managed to get home and cuddle on the couch. We are definitely going for parents of the year, opened a box of celebration chocolates that was left over from Christmas, and gave it to the kids to feast on so we wouldn’t have to get up and make them proper food. Hit the hay early that night.

The next morning, I woke up to feeling that I was just in a fight with Connor McGregor. I was in bits. I couldn’t lift my head of the pillow, but mammy duties called had to get up to four screaming kids. They were all given whatever they wanted for breakfast and a movie was put on the telly for them. However, it turned out to be such a nice day out. We went for a walk along the canal with my mam n dad and the kids. Brushed a few cobwebs off me. Today is Tuesday the 9th, Four days after heading out and my legs and body still ache… I am coming to the realisation that I am no longer a young girl…


Todays Antics.

Need to vent….
So had an absolute ‘mare of a day today…. so this morning got a phone call from the PHN (Public Health Nurse) to bring the baby up to get him weighed. She rang at 10.30 and i needed to be up there for 11:30. Easy you think… it only a 10 min drive.. but don’t forget I have two babies to dress pack all the shit that goes with them and put them into the car. And also deal with the anxiety of leaving the house on such short notice. If I had more notice I’d be able to build my self up for it. Anyway got there and weighing scales was broken 😢😢 so I then go to B&Q to buy the paint to finally finish the kitchen we have been redoing since 2014.. was trying to get the correct paint . Because god know if I come home with the wrong paint everything in the kitchen that goes wrong will be my fault according to the hubby. However  I was there talking to the sales guy and look around and the toddler is gone. Couldn’t find her. Said to your man I need to go to find her. He started to look too.. running up n down the aisle of B&Q looking for her calling her name with the baby in the buggy. He is crying because he is hungry. I still couldn’t see her I get to the top of the aisles and no sign of her. I then hear on the intercom. There may be a small girl lost in store. If you should see her please contact the nearest member of staff.. my heart goes into ribbons the whole store is looking at me.. eek I am such a bad mother I lost my child . I get to customer service desk and a lady just walked into the store saying she seen a young girl wandering towards Halford.. We are in a big retail park and Halford is like three units away. I abandoned the baby and the paint and ran. I find her. God it feels like it was hours but probably 10 mins. I grab her and squeeze her wanted to kill her but also kiss the face off her at the same time. So I then have to and go back to the till, trying to not cry or take a panic attack. She told me she wanted to go see het Dada..

So my hands are full with toddler, I wasn’t letting that girl’s hand go, while tying to calm crying baby and put paint on the counter when the man next to be who was only about in his 40s turned around to me and said “Ah love, you got your hands full there.” I said “aha dont u know it this is only half of them”… well he turned around and said “God 4 kids.. and one on the way… you’re a glutton for punishment… ” WELL , the only thing that could escape my mouth was GRR..I could feel my whole face getting redder and redder. The tears where starting to well up but all I could do was to walk away.
When is it ever okay to say it to a girl is she expecting? The answer is when she is pushing the god damn thing out of her. I just can’t believe how some people can actually speak before they think. Or maybe they do think and its okay to say that to a woman..