Letter to Boots Ireland.. Please dont assume anything.

Open Letter to anyone who may Assume someone is pregnant

Dear Boots Ireand,

I wish you could train all your staff members, especially the ones who work at the pharmacy desk, to not “Assume” a lady is pregnant.

You see the whole family have been struck down with a cold. Of course weeks of mammy wiping snotty noses, getting sneezed on, and been coughed in my face. Mammy gets the goddam cold, but mammy doesn’t get a day in bed with cuddles and kisses and warm drinks handed to her every few hours. Mammy has to struggle on.

I was in boots today and I asked for the strongest cold and flu I can get. The inconsiderate lady behind the counter said “I am afraid all you can take is paracetamol” I was confused for a minute and said sure I’ve taken Nurofen before for it. She said, “oh did you just have a baby???” I said *no he is a year old” she said I’m sorry I just ASSUMED. 😠😠😠😠😠


Well, i wanted the whole ground to swallow me up. I felt myself slowly dying. The sweats from the cold started to pour down my face. I couldn’t wait to get out of there… I paid my ridiculous amount of 9 euro for cold n flu tablets and legged it.

Just because I have had a baby a year ago and I have been a lazy ass about losing weight it doesn’t give anyone the right to assume. I was mortified.

Sincerely yours,
The mother of 4 who has no stomach muscles to hold in her flab…


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O’Brien’s Wine Festival 2017 – Dublin Castle

The Mammy www.depressedhousewife

Saturday the 12th November, I was invited to attended the O’Brien Wine Festival at print works in Dublin Castle. Who better to bring with me than the Mammy, She loves a glass of wine.  I left Karl in charge of the mad house and I skipped my way to the train. I had 34 minutes of uninterrupted peace on the train, I was able to listen to my music without hearing, “mammm, will you put on trolls music”. It was also a great excuse to spend time with my mother on my own, it’s very rare we actually get the time alone as there is usually a child hanging out of either one of us. It was a wet, rainy Saturday afternoon and with the promise of wine so off we hopped to Dublin castle, not without stopping in a few shops first.

When we got into the O’Brien’s Wine Festival, in Dublin Castle. We were greeted by two lovely ladies who handed us two beautiful complementary Tipperary crystal glasses and a directory of the wines that we would be tasting. There were over 60 wineries at the festival with over 250 wines to taste. The Mammy’s eyes lit up when she heard that many wines to taste. Before I go into the wine, I’d like to declare I am not a wine connoisseur, I know what I like and that’s that. And this post is only about White Wine as both my mother and me only like white, Oh and bubbles we love the bubbles.


We were greeted with a room full of people from all walks of life, there was a man, which I can only describe as an old-fashioned gentleman, tailored suit polished shoes dicky bow and matching handkerchief. There were plenty of rugby fans in jerseys, (I should say Ireland were playing South Africa in the rugby that day), groups of girl friends who were full of laughter and also older ladies probably meeting for their monthly get-together. Wine isn’t a drink that suits just one stereotypical type of person.
I am just going to give you a list of what wines we liked and a little on what we liked about it

Here is a list of my favouite 5 wines:

Chicken Run, Sauvignon Blanc €13.95.

Chicken Run www.depressedhousewife.com333333001lnA Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, from Emiliana, Chile’s leading organic wine producer.
Chicken Run, Sauvignon Blanc is €13.95 in O’Brien’s.
This has a crisp citrus taste and has a nice dry finish.


Chocalan Reserva Sauvignon Blanc €13.95

Chocalan Reserva Sauvignon Blanc WWW.DEPRESSEDHOUSEWIFE.COMAlso a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc. This Reserva is made in a family-based winery called Vina Chocalan.
Chocalan Reserva Sauvignon Blanc is priced at €13.95 in O’Brien’s.
You can taste the freshness of this Sauvignon and with it has a zingy fresh lime-filled finish.


Cave de Lugny Crémant de Bourgogne €17.95

Cave de Lugny Crémant de Bourgogne €17.95 WWW.DEPRESSEDHOUSEWIFE.COM

This French wine is made from Chardonnay grapes from vineyards around the famous village of Lugny in Burgundy.
Cave de Lugny Crémant de Bourgogne is priced at €17.95, it is reduced at present for the O’Brien’s Winter Wine Offers. Usually retails at €20.95
It has a pear flavour and the dryness of the bubbles doesn’t make it very sweet.


Mionetto MO Doc Prosecco NV €19.95

Mionetto MO Doc Prosecco WWW.DEPRESSEDHOUSEWIFE.COMMionetto started off as a winery in the heart of the Prosecco area, just north of Venice, Italy 130 year ago. It has since grown to be one of the leading prosecco producers.
Mionetto MO Doc Prosecco NV cost €19.95, it is included in the O’Brien’s Winter Wine Offer Usually retails at €21.95
The bubbles in this prosecco just pop and have flavours of pear and melon, There is a dry Crisp finish in it.

Coft Pink, NV, €26.95

cROFT PINK WWW.DEPRESSEDHOUSEWIFE.COMThis Rose comes from Portugal and Croft is one of the most distinguished of all Port houses. And it is made from a blend of port grapes. It is, in fact, the first ever rose port wine.
Croft Pink costs €26.95, but with the alcohol volume of 20%, you wouldn’t be drinking many bottles a night. I remember port as, been my granny’s drink at Christmas. But OMG this taste gorgeous, the flavours of cherry and honey and also a sour grapefruit. This could be an aperitif for after a dinner, It reminds me of a honey wine or rice wine. I was told it is lovely for a cocktail, or to mix a lemonade with it. Both I and my mother have said that this is the wine of choice for Christmas day.


There were so many wines to try and if I was to taste all the wine, I would have probably been on my ear, and the poor mother was getting giddy, so it was time to leave. We had a lovely dinner in Luigi Malones and another glass of wine each. As I said before I am far from a wine connoisseur but I know what I like and that’s all that matters to me. I would only enjoy wine with my dinner, however, I really think I found my wine of choice the Croft Pink.

All alcohol is a depressant, That “warm fussy feeling” you can get when you have that first drink is due to the chemical changes alcohol has caused in your brain. Like most, a drink can help me feel more confident and less anxious. However, that’s because it’s starting to depress the part of the brain we associate with been anxious and depressed. But, the more alcohol you have the more of the brain starts to be affected. It doesn’t matter what mood you’re in to start with, when high levels of alcohol are involved, instead of pleasurable effects increasing, and it’s possible that a negative emotional response will take over. And you will become more anxious and depressed and sometimes angry. I know this and I don’t drink that often because of the after effects. It is usually three days after drinking and I still feel low and anxious.

“All the above-mentioned wines are available on at the many O’Brien stores nationwide and also at https://www.obrienswine.ie/

I did received tickets for the wine festival and was gifted two extra ticket for a give-away competition on my Facebook page. As with all my reviews, they are my personal and honest opinion. I do not work with O’Brien’s Wine. I am not compensated in any way to review or promote any of the products discussed on this blog. And also please drink sensible. Vist www.drinkaware.ie for handy tips and furthure infomation

Back to School..

Back to school time, For nearly every parent this is the most exciting time of the year. The kids will be out of my hair for 4 and 7 hours a day. The first day the children get their school holidays, in June, I am literally counting down the days till they return, two months of MAAAAMMMMMMM I’m hungry, ( you ate 20 minutes ago) and MAAAAMMMMMMM I’m bored ( tidy your room, and its still not done).
But once August comes I feel a rainbow emotions and I only have two children in school. God knows what id be like when the four of them are in school. The Dread sneaks in, Feck I’m back to the daily battle of getting the kids up and dress and breakfast before school, and getting the sectary phone call at least twice a week about one of them forgetting a lunch, or feeling sick and me having to drive to the school 4 times a day.
Also the dread of the expense of it.This country is supposed to have free education. Feck how much do I need to fork out this month, I am one of those mothers who leave it till the last minute to figure out where are we will get the money from to pay for it. So Victoria is going into senior infants, thank god the school has agreed to have a generic uniform. a Red jumper White shirt and grey pinafore, the tracksuit is charcoal grey the jumper does have to be bought in a local shop but the rest of the items can be bought elsewhere. Whereas Callum is going into First year. So his uniform jumper, PE Tracksuit and Tshirt have a crest on them, but the white shirt and grey trousers I got in Tescos and because he is going into adult sizes the price goes up by a million percent. Also, Callum’s school is a new school that is only open 3 years and its one of the few schools around the country that has a tablet instead of school books.
The accountant side of me is coming out, I’ve done a breakdown of what it costs me to send them back. I raided the Credit union accounts, any little bit of savings we had stashed by for a rainy day, (which was very very little) and we did it we got the kids sorted for back to school.

www.depressedhousewife.com Breakdown of back to school spending
So come Tuesday the 28th August, I will be a proud mamma dropping my baby, to secondary school. It’s a huge milestone for him to be moving onto a big school, he no longer will be the oldest kids they will be the babies again and yes I will probably shed a tear and count the hours until he returns home, for the first day at least. And on Thursday the 30th August, Victoria will be becoming a big girl and move into senior infants, new teachers and maybe some new friends.
The excitement of the kids going back and having a few hours peace will end quickly though and the Sunday evening dread of fuck I forgot to wash the uniforms or I have nothing in for the lunches will hit me with a bang.

Breast isnt Always Best… Its up to you.

Right, I am going to talk about common sense and how we are supposed to do things. I am a mammy of four and am at the stage in my parenting career that if I make a mistake in one thing by the time the fourth child comes up to that age I won’t make that mistake.

There is so much information out there and bloggers and influencers to promote breastfeeding, that “breast is best”. But what about the people out there who cant breast feet I have had four children and I only breast fed two of them. Breastfeeding was forced upon me with my first pregnancy, and with being only 20 I did everything the doctor told me, however when I was in the hospital the baby didn’t latch on properly and the midwife during the night gave Callum a bottle. Also been so naive I didn’t say no, then Callum got to used to been “topped up” and wouldn’t go to on the breast for long , and I wasn’t emptying my boobs enough of milk, he was 20 days old, it was Christmas Eve and I had gotten mastitis on my breast, my mam took the baby and told Karl to bring me to the doctor. He said I should finish breastfeeding and put me on antibiotics.

Then when I had Victoria it was practically pushed on me to breastfeed her. I couldn’t, I mentally wasn’t in the correct place to do it. I didn’t know at the time but I had PND. Two midwives in the hospital had made me feel a hundred times worse than what I was already feeling, The first asked me “what’s wrong wth you why can’t you hold the baby properly” and the second made me sit in the middle of a six bed ward and take my boob out in front of others and she shoved the baby onto my boob. I was mortified and humiliated, along with the feeling of resent and guilt. After 5 days of giving her breast milk, It was the first night I was home from the hospital, I sat on the side of my bed crying and told Karl to go down and make a bottle for her.

Once i got pregnant on Gabrielle, I said straight away I was going to formula feed her. It meant I could spend more time to heal myself, mentally and physically and that daddy could take over the night duties as well. But I have to say the opposition I got from Nurses, Other Mothers, including mine and my mother in law, and even Karl, was tough but feck it I wanted to be strong and I knew what was best. If I am honest it was brilliant not having to get up every feed to feed her, I still bonded with her, and she’s not been sick as much as the other two. She has only been on two antibiotics in 2 and half years and Charlie is 7 months and he hasn’t been on one yet, Callum was on 6 by the time he was a year old and Victoria was on 4 by her first birthday and then another 6 from the age of 1 to 2. So once Charlie came along and I did the same I gave him a bottle also. I got the same back chat from people, even some man on holidays asked ” Why you baby no getting the breast” I said Because I prefer bottle feeding, “Oh but the baby needs your goodness” But no one will get any goodness unless I am good in myself.

The only downside to bottle feeding is the price of it. I think it’s scandalous the price of the formula. It’s €12.99 for a box of SMA. Its like they are trying to punish people who cannot breastfeed. Because there are a number of women out there who can’t physically breastfeed, due to whatever reason, be it inverted nipples to medication that they need to take to make them selfs better, and I have read and heard stories of guilt and upset that they can’t do it. And the feel like failures of mammies. Why is it marketed this way.

Yes that is Charlie Asleep in his walker

Another opinion I hate is the whole walker situation. “you must not put your child in a walker because it will curl in their feet and cause them hip damage. Lads, my three siblings and myself were all brought up in walkers, And all my four children have been in them, and none of Us has had any hip or foot problems. Obviously, he’s not in it for 8 hours a day but, I am going to go out there and admit it, he is in it more than the recommended 15 minutes a day. I know child cruelty, but he likes it and it keeps him occupied, while I tend the other monsters. While I’m been honest I don’t sterilise the bottles anymore, they get shoved into the dishwasher, and as for sterilising soothers. He’s lucky if the fluff from the floor is picked off it. It will build up his immunity and will make him stronger. As my granddad would say ” put hairs on his chest”. And yeah i gave my 7 month old a slice of Dominos pizza the other night, Why because he grabbed it out of the box, Who am i to take pizza of anyone, But he sucked all the sauce off it and I used common sense and watched him eat it, to make sure he didn’t choke.

I probably do a million other things that are not by the book but do ya know what, I use the book of common sense to get by in life. And I haven’t killed anybody yet. Been a few near death experiences but I have killed any one of them yet. I might have fucked up their lives but I think everyone needs a bit of character in their life.

Perfect Mammies ( Yeah Right)

What is a perfect mammy, what does she do all day, what does she wear?
When I say the perfect mammy I automatically think of Brie Lawson from desperate housewives. But even she had her skeletons in the closet didn’t she.
Nobody is perfect, I’m trying to beat that into my children every day. People make mistakes and what’s perfect for one person is dysfunctional to another. However, I am so afraid of been judged by people that they might think I am anything less than perfect. Society’s idea of a perfect mammy is someone who is emotional and physically fit has a complete level work to home balance. Feeds the children only organic food and plays with her 2.5 children in a creative artistic educational way. Children would go to bed at the exact time every night with a bath and bedtime story read to them. There is never any pile up of washing or ironing to be done and the house is spotless. She even greets her husband home from work each night with a glass of his favourite drink and a smile on her face.
My life is 4 kids 2 dogs and 3 fish, my whole life revolves around the kids and my husband leaving very very little, actually , no time for me. Last night for dinner was this
potato waffles beans and sausages because we only have twenty euro until Thursday. And that’s all we have in the presses for a dinner. I would love to spend all day colouring in and making creative crap. However, my day is filled with laundry and cleaning up after 4 messy animals who thinks that living in a pigsty is a great place to be. I actually have a laundry room that I am always afraid to open the door because a pile of clothes might fall on me and I wouldn’t be found for days. (Actually, that sound’s a like a heaven,  no kids for days !) and my husband is greeted at the door by usually a kid or me crying in his face. Pleading for help.
However Motherhood has become like a spectator sport, People feel free to comment on other’s parenting skills. Throw into the mix the Internet and it all goes downhill from there. On every special occasion, you will see on every social media outlet happy family and it is like a competition who can have the best happy family picture uploaded. For example Mothers day my timeline on all the social media was full of how mammies where having a perfect day and been spoilt however I know people are not going to put up the fact that the daddy went out the night before and didn’t let mammy get a lie on, and she had to get up to the screaming kids. She has to make her own breakfast and put a fake smile on her face to hide the disappointment. Or Daddies said “awe but babe you’re not my mother”… GRRRR, that gets me how do you think a 3-year-old is going to go to a shop and buy mammy a present or even make mammy a card without Daddy’s help. Or the one that really gets me riled up is, when people say “awe what do you need a day off sure your not working you do nothing all day long”… Don’t get me started on that one that’s a whole other post worth.
The competition among mothers is ridiculous. It’s like that the perfect Supermam went to work and had kids and kept the house clean, breastfed until her kid was 20 and now feed him only organics, take him to piano lessons, soccer training, and oh, by the way, is a  size 6 and her hair & makeup always looks great!  These expectations are unrealistic yet we all know women who appear to be meeting them, but she has probably huge dusty black skeletons in her closet and she’s just better than average at hiding them. But the average mammy out there is struggling with things in her life, so what if she didn’t bring John to football or Mellissa to piano lessons on that one Tuesday, they stayed at home and cuddle on the couch and binge watched the Simpsons while eating crisps and chocolate for dinner. Or she hasn’t had time to have a shower today so her greasy hair is tied back up in a hun bun that the Peru two would be proud of. And she has huge industrial size black bags under her eyes.
I’ve put together a few tips if I picked up in my 12 years of parenting. Suffices to say I don’t practice them always but I always have them in my mind.
  1. Stop reading parenting books ( to an extent)
    Reading parenting books can be useful but too much you don’t have to follow it word for word stop thinking there is one right way to do things and that if you’re not doing it that one way your kids will suffer. You will start to think you are a terrible mammy. In real life, mammies get stressed and lose patience. Sometimes, we shout and get angry. But one of the things that the books doesn’t tell you is that is that children are very clever enough to  know that when you act in love that you’re acting on their behalf
  2. Stop listening to other people’s thoughts on your kids
    You will always get mammies saying to you that “oh no you’re not feeding your child a happy meal from McDonald’s My little angel will never eat fast food”. Number one thing ill say is your child will grow up to be an obese geek because he will be sneaking fast food into himself because one thing kids will do is to rebel against what they are not allowed to have. Number two is just to say “thank you for your input, but you this is my child and I will raise him whatever way I want, you have ( or had I love this for any older women who think they know best) your chance to do it your way.
  3. Mammy always knows best
    She does really you always know by your gut feeling whether it is the right thing or not. Always go with your gut. and don’t let anything or body else persuade you to do anything different. As I previously said it’s your child and it your choices you make for them. And another thing I learned was not to listen to doctor google. you’ll have an incurable disease and will only have 12 hours to live.

So Just going to leave it  with this little quote.

If today we were perfect then there will be no need for tomorrow.

Sleepless Nights

31st March 2017

So I am a mammy to 4 beautiful funny intelligent annoying whining children. Oldest is 12 a stunning boy who is already breaking a million hearts. Next is 5 who was an emergency c section delivery at birth and ever since then I’ve called her my diva. She hasn’t got a patch on Beyoncé demands… Next is 2 who is like an angel to look at. Like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. But is slowly growing to be a walking terror.. then the baby is 4 months old. He is still new and wakes every night without fail for a pure whinge…

So it’s 01:46 and I are lying on my 2-year daughter’s toddler bed trying to get her back to sleep.. there’s not a hope in it happing. She’s been awake since 12 30 and hubby tried the bad guy routine with her. I know this doesn’t work with her. One thing I’ve learned from my girls is that you cannot treat or shout at them as they grow even bolder. So here I am laying here coz she wants a cuddle.. the nanny trick of keep on putting her back into her bed doesn’t work and isn’t fair to others at this time to hear her scream.

This is the fourth night in a row I’ve been awake at this time. It’s also the 4th night that I don’t know how I haven’t lost my marbles. I’m so tired most of the time I’m starting to hallucinate. My husband asked me “where was I?  coz I was away with the fairies”.. but I’m so tired I don’t know where I am half the time. It seems like different and drifting away from him but I’m not I am just exhausted.

Hubby said to me what is your wildest fantasy… trying to get kinky. I couldn’t think of anything sexual that I’d love. But I would love to go to a hotel on my own have a bath in a big bath without having to clean it first….. Put on my robe and do a face mask. Then sleep a full 6 hours in a big bed with white crisp sheets. To wake up in morning to be handed breakfast in bed.  Spend a few hours on my own. Let’s just say he wasn’t impressed. But that’s all that’s on my mind is for me to sleep…