O’Brien’s Wine Festival 2017 – Dublin Castle

Saturday the 12th November, I was invited to attended the O’Brien Wine Festival at print works in Dublin Castle. Who better to bring with me than the Mammy, She loves a glass of wine.  I left Karl in charge of the mad house and I skipped my way to the train. I had 34 minutesRead more

AND relax… My review of Recovery CBD oil for anxiety

My review of Recovery CBD oil for anxiety After I had tried some Chill the Feck out tea, (Read about it here Grab A Cup of Chill The Feck Out) I was speaking to Neil More O’Ferrall from Recovery CBD and he sent me some of CBD oil to try out. I wanted to give itRead more


Whinging for no reason, big red cheeks, drools, sore bum..That’s me with a toothache… No, but in all seriousness, these are all signs of teething. Why poor babies must be put through that pain. My heart breaks for them. After 9 months and 28 days, Charlies tooth finally broke through. He is a very lateRead more