Fuck It Moments

Today I was at my son’s football match. Watching your child play football is really a mixed bag of emotions. Seeing him chase after the ball you jump for joy hearing other mothers shout your son’s name makes your heart jump. Watching some little fucker from the other team tackle him you want to go onto the pitch and smack the kids face.. the team lost 4 1 today. In my opinion, the ref was against us from the start. No matter what the score I always beam with pride seeing him play.

Fuck It

Afterward, we decided that because it was such a  nice sunny day we would do a Family picnic… That means us getting a bargain bucket from KFC and eat it in a park somewhere.  It is usually from the boot of our car in the Curragh, today it was in Marley park. Nerves were at me because Oh My God its Marley park all the yummy mummies will be staring at me and tutting because it is not organic healthy food, or it’s not nut free peanut butter…

After we scoffed our food like I mean it looked like we hadn’t eaten in a month and were a pack of wild dogs. The girls were starting to wander & get bored so we said we’d go to find the fairy tree.. which it reminds me I have a crap sense of direction we walked around in a loop but didn’t find the tree… but we were having a fuck it moment, one of those moments where I didn’t care who was watching and who was judging.  So the Husband started to try to do a cartwheel, last time he tried to do one in the back garden he fell and actually had a lump on his shin for about 6 months later. then the kids got all giddy and tried to copy. Me, on the other hand, could only manage to do tumbles.

But that was a day that I’ll always remember. It was a day I said fuck it and didn’t let the thoughts of people judging me control me. I didn’t care if we looked like plebs in the park because we were all happy and smiling…

So What so you think about what i just said, i'd love to hear