Grab a Cup of Chill The Feck Out.

So I got on the social media bandwagon and followed the controversial white moose cafe on snap chat. Whilst on this I noticed a Q&A that Paul had with Neil from Recovery CBD. I was intrigued and had heard before the great benefit that CBD has on some ailments, especially people with anxiety. Cannabidiol—CBD—is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “stoned” and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC.

What This is Not

Now we all know a few stoners, whether it is family members, friends, or just old acquaintances. This is not hash, weed, grass or the herbal stuff. When I suffered from my very bad back injury, my mother went on a night trip away to visit some family members, they were smoking “the herbal stuff” and said that it would help me with my back pain, Mother came back all delighted and thought she had found the cure for the pain, that I was in, she was heading to Holland and Barrett in the morning to get me some of this miracle herbal stuff. The task was left up to “my not so soon to be sister-in-law to tell her, that you can’t buy it in a shop and it wasn’t legal, that they were, in fact, smoking cannabis. Whereas CBD is now legal all their products do contain trace amounts of THC (<0.2% and within the legal EU tolerances) THC is the bit that makes you high. – CBD is described as being non-psychoactive. If you want more information please go over to their web page Recovery CBD

One of the major downsides of anxiety is insomnia, it’s the overthinking and the grass hoping that is slowly killing me, The thoughts that I think, I sometimes wish they were not mine. I would have usually gotten from 2 and a half to 4 hours sleep each night. Its like when I get into bed my body starts to relax and my brain suddenly goes, OH Fuck this for a game of soldiers, the body is relaxing, so lads now it’s time to go into overdrive. I panic and over analyse not only everything I did that day but what I might be doing in five years time, and oh my god did I really wear that hat in sixth class. Karl usually says to me, “Stop worrying about the little kids in Africa”, because I am usually worried about everything and everyone. Now them kids don’t have any shoes and it’s only going to cost €5 a month to give the whole village some food, but my kids need food, it cost way more than €5. Oh, no will I be able to afford food this week, what if… you get my gist here.

I went to the white moose cafe and bought a lovely bag of Chill the Feck out tea from the fabulous Paul & Jason. Paul told me that he uses the oil regularly and that it had worked for him with anxiety, they, unfortunately, ran out of the oil so I got the tea instead.

So how you make a cup of the tea is put a small amount into a strainer, and pour boiled water over it. Only let it brew for 2-3 mins, then drink. I’ve been taking it most evenings just around 8 o’clock and by 10 I am getting tired and I head to bed. within a few minutes, I am asleep Its a miracle for me. Only once did I feel the “stoned effect”, I had put too much into the strainer went off and came back after 15 minutes and drank it. Well, I was chatty as feck and Karl said my pupils had gone to pin hole size. I went to bed and died for the night, didn’t hear the baby waking up or Gabi crying during the night And that only happened the once because I took to much of it. For this reason, I won’t take the tea whilst Karl isn’t here, thats the same as taking strong pain medication, sleeping tablets, or alcohol, I am terrified that I won’t wake up to the kids. I wouldn’t take the tea during the day because it makes me really drowsy. I’m not too sure if the oil does that or not.

Overall I have to say the tea has helped with a major part of my anxiety. Anxiety and insomnia is a vicious cycle, its like I can’t sleep because I am anxious about been anxious, and yeah I’ve been using It for a week now and I’ve gotten about 5 out of 7 good nights sleep, I mean more than 6 hours is a great night for me.

Because with a good nights sleep you can literally rule the world the next day.

Go to Here to buy any of the recovery CBD products & Here is the Recovery CBD Facebook.
And here is the White Moose Cafe Facebook Page White Moose Cafe Facebook Page.

Disclaimer: I am not paid for this post or did not receive the tea for free.

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