I pee when I sneeze, what’s your superpower?


Let’s talk about Pee!! I am a mammy to four children and yes every time I laugh, sneeze , cough,  jump, walk, get up from a chair, sit down on a chair, I pee my pants.

I am currently trying to toilet train my Gabi, tell her not to pee in her knickers, Yet I do every day, maybe a couple of times a day. After having Callum, when I was 19, I thought ahh I’m only young I won’t need to do my pelvic floor exercise.

Then one night I was out with Karl and a few of his work friends we were in a bar in Dublin, and I started to dance, Jump up and danced next thing I know I pissed my self, I was 21 and I had peed myself. I was too embarrassed I couldn’t say it to anyone, not even Karl. For the next 7 years, I couldn’t tell anyone that I was peeing myself. During my whole pregnancy on Victoria, I constantly leaked, it got worst n worst, the midwives told me it’s normal. The fact that when my waters broke on Victoria, I didn’t think they broke, I just thought that I had wet myself. I had practised my pelvic floor exercises. I did every time I thought of it. It didn’t pass and I went to my GP and talked about it, she referred me onto a physio I actually went to three physios that specialise in women’s health and done what I was told to do but then I had two more kids within the space of 2 years…

I am quite a regular in Phyisotherphy with my back pain and my constant leaking. I was actually at one physiotherapist and she was giving me my exercises to do. She actually inserted two fingers inside me to feel the strength of my muscles, let me tell, you think that being a woman she could have been a little gentler in that area. Anyway, after the uncomfortable examination was over she explained that you can get these pelvic balls that you insert yourself and you have to keep them up there so get your muscles working. She told me to go get the large ones. Feck sake love I’ve had 4 children I don’t need to be told that my vajayjay is big. I have gone to three different physiotherapists and tried all the exercises and do my pelvic floor exercises every day about 3 times a day. Pelvic floor exercises are also called Kegal exercises, I also have a friend who will remain anonymous, When she was pregnant she was told to do her Kegal exercises. She came back from her appointment and started searching Kettel bells to buy. Don’t know what she was thinking of doing with them???

Here is a little explanation on how to do them correctly.

It gets me down a lot having this stress incontinence. I constantly think I smell like old lady wee, I don’t like anyone going near my crotch area. I hate wearing grey or light trousers just in case I leak a bit. My self-esteem has been affected by this. So much so I hate dancing when I go out and going to the gym because I leak. I’m so paranoid that the person behind me on the treadmill is looking at my wet patch getting bigger and bigger.

I have gone to my GP and explained all of this to her and I finally have gotten an appointment in the Coombe to see a gynaecologist next month. The physiotherapist’s and GP both have said my core muscles are not strong enough. I put it down to having back problems and my muscles going to shreds. They call it stress incontinence.. too right it fricken is stressing me out.

Any young girl out there or girls who haven’t had babies.. please please please listen to this pissy mamma.


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