Irelands only Sunny Stressful day

Well, today been probably the only summers day we are going to get we said we would make the most of it.
First of all, everyone needs to get dressed washed and fed breakfast I start to get everyone dressed.. easy task? If you think wrestling a 2-year-old octopus is easy…. I’d just have removed her pyjamas and night nappy of her and I just my back and she’s the other side of the room. I have to pull her back onto the bed and had to hold her in between my legs in like a vice grip. By the time it takes to put her shoes on she has ran away for the sixth times and I’m already sick of calling her name. Then it’s the 5-year-old olds turn, she’s more like a kangaroo. Jumping on the bed and bouncing off the walls. I’m all for everyone expressing their individually but she hasn’t got a sense of fashion in her head. She’s freaking out because she wanted to wear her pink dress and pink fluffy snow boots instead of the beautiful purple dress & flowery shoes I picked out. I once again lose the battle & we settle on the pink dress and green shoes.
Then when I can only start to think the worst is over the 12-year-old is freaking out because he can’t find his hi-top runners and does not want to wear any other shoes. As usual, I said where did you leave them, I get i don’t knooooow maaaaaaa. After I hear him stomping and banging the doors in the bedroom. I go in to look. And the first place I look there they are. I get the huffing and muttering under his breath and he looks at me as if I put them there, No Son i don’t like to hide teenagers runners in my spare time. The baby is easiest to dress. No cheek or guff. And I even get a smile. And of course Mammy is last to get dressed, I have two minutes to pull on a pair of jeans that I just cleaned baby spit up of with a baby wipe, and a T-shirt that is probably full of some child handprints.
Check the time it’s 12:30 we still have to pack the car.  We have to make sure we have the baby bag, two sets of nappies and wipes, bottles need to be made. We need to search the house for soother’s because we always lose them. And swap r the buggies, Look for the baby sling. What about hats and suncream? Feck we need coats just in case.
By the time it’s all done it’s 1.30. We need to put everyone into the car. The chase is on, it’s like trying to catch wild animals. First is the 2 yr old octopus I struggle with her to just get her to the car & she has mastered to art in arching her back just when I try to snap the buckle in. Put the rest of kids into the car then we actually have to count them to make sure we have four. Finally, we get to lock up the house and sit in the car then tears happen… I forgot my dolly, I forgot my phone, I need the toilet… grrr.
Finally, by 230 we are on the road and headed to bray half the day is gone already. However, as I already mentioned it’s the only sunny day we get in the year so we weren’t the only ones with that idea and we spend an hour sitting in traffic. Kids shouting in the back “We want the seaside & why are we not there yet? Daddy, why are you stopping in traffic?”
Sun is shining, I try to think happy thoughts… we are having a nice happy family day out. We are going to be normal. We are not going to fight. So eventually we get a parking spot and yea we are here at 4 o’clock. Get out of the car and sort everybody out. All I hear is moans. It’s too windy … I do not want to walk…. I’m hungry…. so I keep thinking happy thoughts.
We walk about 200 meters and that’s it I snap” happy fucking thoughts” are out the window. The kid’s voices are going true my head. I’m cold & I have a banging headache. Even the husband is getting on my nerves. The kids are running away from us, probably to close to getting knocked down, than I want to admit. Running into people and 2-year-old screams every time she sees a dog or bird. Get me out of here.
Back to the car and pack up again listen to the tears and cries. All we hear is stop it. Or maaaaaaammm she’s looking at me or maaaaaaammmm she’s breathing my air.. my way of not getting out of the car and running away is to turn up the radio really loud and drowned out the noise.
Its just not worth it sometimes,my ideal happy sunny family day turned into a day out with a bunch of whinging moaning monsters. Much rather be at home the next sunny day we get. Next year probably.

So What so you think about what i just said, i'd love to hear