Bubblebum – My review of Bubblebum inflatable Booster Seat

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I am that woman at the school gate that always seems to have a billion children. I am always picking up and dropping off the kids to different places. With having four kids I usually end up with an extra kid and I have caught out a few times that I didn’t have a Booster seat. I do sometimes feel like I have an army here sometimes.
It always happens that I don’t have enough car seats in the car. It’s not like the 80’s where it was ok to sit them on each other’s laps or without a car seat. I always make sure I have a spare one.

What is a Bubblebum?

Exactly what it sounds like: It’s an inflatable booster seat for use in the car instead of a regular booster seat. BubbleBum allows you to fit 3 children side-by-side in the back seat of your car. The included shoulder belt positioning clip provides extra comfort and better belt positioning for children The memory foam inside provides extra comfort and support It is approved under the EU ECE Regulation R44/04 for safety for Groups 2 and 3 and US federal safety requirements FMVSS213. It is suitable from the age of 4-11.

Depressed Housewife Boosterseat

Why I liked bubblebum?

I love the fact that it is so compact, it can fit into the glove box of your car or a handbag. When I get to school and there is so and so who needs a lift home. If you drive a seven-seater with three car seats and a double buggy, then you’ll know that space is very limited. Its a little bigger than a standard kitchen roll & It weighs 500g (half a bag of sugar). It is also easy to put into luggage to bring away with you to use in a rental car or even in an overnight bag to grandparents’ house. I also love the patriotic design. BubbleBum has released a few new fun colour choices with some national pride. The stars and stripes, Irish shamrocks, and a Union Jack.

Where can you buy the BubbleBum Booster seat?


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BubbleBum has given me a BubbleBum seat to give away. Go over to my facebook to enter into the competition. Only open to Ireland and UK Residents.


Disclaimer: I was gifted the bubblebum inflatable car seat, but as always these are my honest and personal opinions. Have a look at my Contact us & Disclosure Page

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