AND relax… My review of Recovery CBD oil for anxiety

My review of Recovery CBD oil for anxiety

After I had tried some Chill the Feck out tea, (Read about it here Grab A Cup of Chill The Feck Out) I was speaking to Neil More O’Ferrall from Recovery CBD and he sent me some of CBD oil to try out. I wanted to give it time to so I could actually give it an honest review.



My Research

CBD oil has many therapeutic uses, including (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, arthritis, gout, chronic neuropathic pain, Parkinson’s disease, early onset dementia, skin conditions such as psoriasis and shingles and also in the area of Crohn’s disease and IBS and yet people are afraid of it and its deemed as an illegal drug in many people’s eyes.

There is 1 in every 9 people, in Ireland suffer from anxiety or anxiety related illness. It can start at any age from childhood, adolescent and way into adulthood. If you suffer from anxiety your life is probably a constant stomach churning cycle ranging from panic attacks, constant worry and sleepless nights to extreme phobias and depression. But whatever form it takes, life becomes very much limited as many people like me stop going places and avoid situations.

If you attend a GP, or psychiatrist you will be probably offered counselling (which if you are going public you can be waiting up to 10 months for) and be told to practice relaxation techniques. When practised regularly relaxation techniques such as mindfulness meditation and deep breathing can reduce anxiety symptoms and increase feelings of relaxation and emotional well-being, however, these don’t work for everyone. Mindfulness never worked for me and actually made me more anxious.

CBD oil comes in a 500 mg or a 1000mg bottle, the 1000mg bottle comes with a dropper. What you need to do is shake the bottle and take a pinch of the dropper. Place two drop’s under your tongue and hold it there for 2 mins. Once these two minutes are over swallow. It’s like someone is covering you in a veil of calm immediately I feel relaxed.

I have used the oil two different ways as part of my research. Firstly use it as I needed it and secondly use it regularly.

As I needed it

I have social anxiety, what that means for me is leaving the house and meeting people makes me anxious. I get so worked up beforehand that by the time I get ready to leave the house, I’m one big blubbering angry mess. And I am so bad that I take it out on the rest of the family. I have a fight with the kids over the smallest of things, Karl tells me to relax, but to me, that’s like pressing the nuclear bomb button. I usually end up feeling more guilty and low and we end up not leaving the house at all.

Sunday 20th August, we had said we would do a bit of last-minute school shopping in the city centre. But to add more fuel to my anxiety we were not driving in the comfort of our own car we were getting a train in. My mammy reasoning behind it was it would be a nice day out for the kids. My anxiety mind was exploding. I had asked Karl to look at train timetable and I would get the kids dressed and ready at 11:45 Karl says there’s a train at 12 we will make it… FFFFFFFFFUUUUU@@@@@@@KKKKK 15 minutes to get 4 kids into a car, make sure nappies food and buggy is packed also we had to drive 5 minutes to the station. This was a perfect time to take the oil. I actually took 4 drops and brought the bottle with me. We pull into the station and then Karl asked me where his wallet was. Like I’m his fecking mother I know where his wallet is?? He runs back to the car as the train is pulling up. I got all the kids onto the train and he barely makes it. We completely forgot that it was the semi-final of the All-Ireland GAA Football. Kerry and Mayo were playing. The train was packed. I found two seats back to back so I sat the girls sitting on each other lap and I sat behind them with Charlie in my arms. Karl and Callum had to stand I was actually very calm. I didn’t feel the dread of people looking at me and judging me and my parental abilities. The girls were playing and shouting and I was okay with it. Karl was flapping because “I forgot HIS wallet”. I couldn’t give a sh1t. I had my money and I was ok.

Once we were in town, which was equally packed I was started to feel a little anxious with the crowds of people. I took two more drops of the oil and the immediate feeling of calm came over me.  And there I was on top of the world again. Not giving a sh1t of what was going on around me. And enjoying time with the family even if they were running amuck and fighting with each other…

This was one day in a long time that I could actually go out and not feel the stomach-churning, chest pain of an anxiety attack.

We got back to the car and where was Karl’s Wallet??? In the door where he left it. I couldn’t help do a happy dance it wasn’t me who lost it.

On a regular basis

So as part of my research, I said I would do a two-week trial of taking 2 drops each morning and night for 2 weeks. The best time I could have started was the first week of September, as the kids went back to school. Callum started secondary school I was an emotional wreck, leading up to it, my baby is moving on a new chapter in his life. As he is such a nervous child I was trying not to let him see my anxiety, but deep down inside I was crippled.

The Start of the year didn’t get off to a great start for him. The school was located the other side of the town, the bus company that operates a local bus service said they would put on an extra stop to the school starting this year. Well, the saying teething problems… This bus company had mammoth teething problems. From not showing up, showing up full, to been 20 minutes late. The first two weeks of school, Callum was stressed as he was late and frustrated. He actually took a panic attack.  I kept my calm and didn’t stress about it.  I was in a WhatsApp group with other mammies in the same boat and we organised to pick up and drop off the kids between us all.   I continued on taking the drops twice a day and I felt great, I was able to function on what would have normally been a situation where I would break down and take to my bed.

I feel that taking the CBD oil  helped me to do something I never thought I’d ever manage to do… I organised and met up for 7 other mammies that have kids in first year too that I’ve never met before. But the other thing was i actually walked into the bar alone and ordered a drink and sat down on my own and waited for the rest of the ladies to arrive… and it didn’t cross my mind that I should be self-conscious And all night I was myself and didn’t give a fu@k to try and impress any of them… I know this may sound not a big deal but for me it was.

Social Anxiety 0 – My self Confidence 1000



Where to buy the oil?

Or call you can order by phone by calling Neil on 086 0518994 or email Have a look at the website to find out some stockist also.

Tell them I sent ya 🙂

Disclaimer, I received the oil as a gift from Neil, as with all my reviews, they are my personal and honest opinion, and I am not paid or compensated in any way to review or promote any of the products discussed on this blog.

2 thoughts on “AND relax… My review of Recovery CBD oil for anxiety

    1. I am a very sceptical person, but i needed to find something to give me a kick in the bum and not let my Aniexity drown me..
      It worked very well for me and calms me to the point i can have a normal day with my family Try a small bottle of it first and see how you get on.
      My mind actaully races when i try mindfulness. The more my body relaxes the more hyper my mind gets. Mindfulness just opens the door to a thousand gremlins trying to occupy my mind all at once.

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