I pee when I sneeze, what’s your superpower?

*** TMI WARNING*** Let’s talk about Pee!! I am a mammy to four children and yes every time I laugh, sneeze , cough,  jump, walk, get up from a chair, sit down on a chair, I pee my pants. I am currently trying to toilet train my Gabi, tell her not to pee in herRead more

Breast isnt Always Best… Its up to you.

Right, I am going to talk about common sense and how we are supposed to do things. I am a mammy of four and am at the stage in my parenting career that if I make a mistake in one thing by the time the fourth child comes up to that age I won’t makeRead more

Grab a Cup of Chill The Feck Out.

So I got on the social media bandwagon and followed the controversial white moose cafe on snap chat. Whilst on this I noticed a Q&A that Paul had with Neil from Recovery CBD. I was intrigued and had heard before the great benefit that CBD has on some ailments, especially people with anxiety. Cannabidiol—CBD—is aRead more

Volcano Barbara

We are just back from a fabulous two-night stay in the Farnham estate hotel and spa. The past number of weeks has been what I like to call a volcano period. It’s like little things build up and up and finally, they all get on top of me and I just explode. First off wasRead more

All that matters is our Kingdom

How can I split myself into four ???… Serious question?  Well if I have to think about it how do I split myself into 6. I need to be Mammy to the four children, who all have different needs and wants, I have to be a wife to my understanding husband (who isn’t getting enoughRead more

Tesco v Aldi

For the past number of years I’ve been shopping in Aldi however I still buy Persil or Fairy in Dune’s Stores or Tesco’s  because of my kids sensitive skin. This time last year my weekly bill would range between €60 to €80. However its been slowly creeping up. II’venotice it getting bigger and bigger eachRead more

Struggles of being a Mammy with Depression

Depression affects 1 in 5 people in Ireland at least once during their lifetime, That’s one out of a normal sized family. However, why is it still so stigmatised? Why is it that it took for me to start writing this blog for many friends and family to come forward and say listen Babs IRead more

None of your Business

What the jayus is up with people and their big fecking mouths… I had another smart comment from someone.. and its a question I’ve been asked a number of times, when I am asked what ages are the kids I say 12, 5, 2 and 5 months. I usually get “Ohh that means trouble”, ButRead more

Age is Just a Number!!!

It was my 33rd birthday on Friday last. When I was 23, if anyone was 33 they were ancient, now I am 33 I still think I am only 23. However, was hit hard by this realisation on Friday night. Three out of my last five birthdays I was pregnant. Even my big 30th. So,Read more

Todays Antics.

Need to vent…. So had an absolute ‘mare of a day today…. so this morning got a phone call from the PHN (Public Health Nurse) to bring the baby up to get him weighed. She rang at 10.30 and i needed to be up there for 11:30. Easy you think… it only a 10 minRead more