About Us

MMMM EHHHH What do I say here;

Well I am Babs Dorney*, First and foremost I am mammy to 4 amazing monsters, (from 13 to 1), and wife to an understand husband. Also a food giver to two dogs and 4 fish.

I am newish to the blogging scene, Dublin Born, Kildare resident (blame the boom on that one). I suffer from …. I have…. never know how to describe it… what the clinical psychological nurse  (i call her my mental nurse) says I am severely depressed and have major anxiety issues.
I’ve been only diagnosed with post-natal depression since 2013 and anxiety in 2014, however, I feel that I have these both for the majority of my life. But with most things in Irish families it was better kept swept under the carpet and I never ever spoke about my feelings.
The Depressed Housewife (I’m Depressed Not Desperate) Blog covers a whole range of anxiety and depression issues & a good few parenting topics. Where I have received a sample to review this will be noted on the post. My views will be in no way influenced whether I purchased it myself or received a trade sample. Please keep in touch, love hearing your views and comments.

*Only call me Barbara if i have done something wrong or you are my mother I Am Babs to all my friends.

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.