Sleepless Nights

31st March 2017

So I am a mammy to 4 beautiful funny intelligent annoying whining children. Oldest is 12 a stunning boy who is already breaking a million hearts. Next is 5 who was an emergency c section delivery at birth and ever since then I’ve called her my diva. She hasn’t got a patch on Beyoncé demands… Next is 2 who is like an angel to look at. Like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. But is slowly growing to be a walking terror.. then the baby is 4 months old. He is still new and wakes every night without fail for a pure whinge…

So it’s 01:46 and I are lying on my 2-year daughter’s toddler bed trying to get her back to sleep.. there’s not a hope in it happing. She’s been awake since 12 30 and hubby tried the bad guy routine with her. I know this doesn’t work with her. One thing I’ve learned from my girls is that you cannot treat or shout at them as they grow even bolder. So here I am laying here coz she wants a cuddle.. the nanny trick of keep on putting her back into her bed doesn’t work and isn’t fair to others at this time to hear her scream.

This is the fourth night in a row I’ve been awake at this time. It’s also the 4th night that I don’t know how I haven’t lost my marbles. I’m so tired most of the time I’m starting to hallucinate. My husband asked me “where was I?  coz I was away with the fairies”.. but I’m so tired I don’t know where I am half the time. It seems like different and drifting away from him but I’m not I am just exhausted.

Hubby said to me what is your wildest fantasy… trying to get kinky. I couldn’t think of anything sexual that I’d love. But I would love to go to a hotel on my own have a bath in a big bath without having to clean it first….. Put on my robe and do a face mask. Then sleep a full 6 hours in a big bed with white crisp sheets. To wake up in morning to be handed breakfast in bed.  Spend a few hours on my own. Let’s just say he wasn’t impressed. But that’s all that’s on my mind is for me to sleep…

So What so you think about what i just said, i'd love to hear