OMG like had totally a 1st world problem today IDK…. My phone no internet on it… I sat for 2 hours in the passport office and it is sad to say I didn’t know what to do.

Nokia    I got my first mobile when I was 16 it was a good reliable Nokia 3310. You texted your friend on SMS and you played snake. And if you were technical minded at all you made your own ringtones.  Or send the teddy SMS pictures. I didn’t get my first smartphone until after I was married I was 25.

What no google maps???

So I had to make it into lower mount street from Tallaght without google maps…. EEE kk kk knew the general area was going but didn’t know the street or even the turn. Thought I’d wing it. Got to the canal okay-ish, but after Ballsbridge, I went up and down the same road 3 times eek. Eventually found the passport office. And had to park the car I usually pay for on-street parking with an app called parking tag. But I didn’t have the internet. So just that moment I figured out I forgot my wallet. Shit had no money thought I’d get emergency cash with my banking app. Nope, that couldn’t happen either. Actually, I walked around looking for somewhere I could get free wifi… nope needed a Starbucks or McDonalds. So 2 hours waiting on a desk to call me for my inquiry at the passport office.  I rearranged my apps on my phone Deleted duplicate photos. Was like I had chopped off arm.

I got home and my phone nearly had a meltdown once I hit wifi. I went from 845 this morning to 4 pm this afternoon.

It wasn’t like you hear people say it’s nice not to be contactable. But today wasn’t nice and I actually don’t know what we did before we have the tech we had today. I would be totally and utterly lost without my mobile…

So What so you think about what i just said, i'd love to hear