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Whinging for no reason, big red cheeks, drools, sore bum..That’s me with a toothache… No, but in all seriousness, these are all signs of teething. Why poor babies must be put through that pain. My heart breaks for them.
After 9 months and 28 days, Charlies tooth finally broke through. He is a very late bloomer. Gabrielle got her first two (yes both popped up together the same time) when she was 2 months and I think she had 6 by the time she was 6 months. So yeah Charlie is a very late bloomer.
He’s been gnawing on everything, toys, fists, kitchen chairs and drooling for probably 6 months. But the pain only hit about 4 weeks ago. Poor pet wasn’t even sleeping through the night with the pain and a dose of calpol was a regular night-time occurrence. The saying is true “The Tooth Fairy’s evil twin is the Teething Fairy. She is such a bitch. I need a beer”.

I popped his teething rings into the freezer to cool down his gums. My father in law actually get a plastic ice cube (you know the ones you put into your beer that makes it cold but doesn’t dilute it) and rub it on his gums. We gave him toast to chew hoping it would give them a bit of a relief.

I had tried bonjella on the other kids but found it had something that made them drowsy in it. They would look like junkies on O’Connell Street. So I wasn’t going to use it on Charlie. I had tried some Calgel, it’s made from the same place as calpol. He really didn’t like the taste of it. There is a bitter taste of it. Also, it’s made from a long list of different ingredients most of them I cannot even pronounce.

So that gets me to Benevits Gumeez

The lovely girls in Molloy’s pharmacy in Ballina sent me a tub of it to try out. He actually likes the tasteBenevits GUMeez (C) www.depressedhousewife.com of it smacks his lips together and it seems to work instantly. I started to give it to him routinely so every 6 hours I just rub a bit on his gums, mainly bottom as these are the first usually to come up, and it worked I didn’t even know the tooth was popping through. It’s made from clove oil which is a natural anaesthetic. There’s no long list of ingredients on the tub. The tub is made by Molloy pharmacy in Ballina Co mayo and It is only 4.99 for it.

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Yesterday I started to get a toothache. It started to gradually get worse. I popped on some Gumeez and it helped numb the pain. But it’s not going to help get over the fact I need to go to the dentist. The fear of going is causing so much anxiety, and the toothache isn’t helping either.

So I can actually say that Gumeze does work, it tastes sweet and instantly numbs the pain I’ve tried it out on my self.


Disclaimer, I received the product as a gift from molloys pharmacy, as with all my reviews, they are my personal and honest opinion, and I am not paid or compensated in any way to review or promote any of the products discussed on this blog.



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