Todays Antics.

Need to vent….
So had an absolute ‘mare of a day today…. so this morning got a phone call from the PHN (Public Health Nurse) to bring the baby up to get him weighed. She rang at 10.30 and i needed to be up there for 11:30. Easy you think… it only a 10 min drive.. but don’t forget I have two babies to dress pack all the shit that goes with them and put them into the car. And also deal with the anxiety of leaving the house on such short notice. If I had more notice I’d be able to build my self up for it. Anyway got there and weighing scales was broken 😢😢 so I then go to B&Q to buy the paint to finally finish the kitchen we have been redoing since 2014.. was trying to get the correct paint . Because god know if I come home with the wrong paint everything in the kitchen that goes wrong will be my fault according to the hubby. However  I was there talking to the sales guy and look around and the toddler is gone. Couldn’t find her. Said to your man I need to go to find her. He started to look too.. running up n down the aisle of B&Q looking for her calling her name with the baby in the buggy. He is crying because he is hungry. I still couldn’t see her I get to the top of the aisles and no sign of her. I then hear on the intercom. There may be a small girl lost in store. If you should see her please contact the nearest member of staff.. my heart goes into ribbons the whole store is looking at me.. eek I am such a bad mother I lost my child . I get to customer service desk and a lady just walked into the store saying she seen a young girl wandering towards Halford.. We are in a big retail park and Halford is like three units away. I abandoned the baby and the paint and ran. I find her. God it feels like it was hours but probably 10 mins. I grab her and squeeze her wanted to kill her but also kiss the face off her at the same time. So I then have to and go back to the till, trying to not cry or take a panic attack. She told me she wanted to go see het Dada..

So my hands are full with toddler, I wasn’t letting that girl’s hand go, while tying to calm crying baby and put paint on the counter when the man next to be who was only about in his 40s turned around to me and said “Ah love, you got your hands full there.” I said “aha dont u know it this is only half of them”… well he turned around and said “God 4 kids.. and one on the way… you’re a glutton for punishment… ” WELL , the only thing that could escape my mouth was GRR..I could feel my whole face getting redder and redder. The tears where starting to well up but all I could do was to walk away.
When is it ever okay to say it to a girl is she expecting? The answer is when she is pushing the god damn thing out of her. I just can’t believe how some people can actually speak before they think. Or maybe they do think and its okay to say that to a woman..


So What so you think about what i just said, i'd love to hear